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It is with sadness that we have learned of the passing away of a friend and fellow shooter Graham Ramsey.  Graham joined Cuckfield Rifle Club around 1989 moving into the area after serving in the army.  He was already an experienced shooter within the army and it wasn’t long before he acquired a super match target rifle and from then onwards he accompanied Tony Wells to all of the local shoots and became well liked everywhere they went.  He was part of Cuckfields A team until last year when his illness got worse.  He helped them win Sussex, West Sussex, West Kent and City of London indoor and long and short range titles in that time.  He won the Sutton long range championship two years running and reached the county champion of champions final at Bisley.  The first year there he got into the final six with a 591 x 600 in the first stage but in the final a bad first shot kept him out of the top three.  He won the County silver medal in 2008 and was a regular County team member for more than ten years.

Graham was a great club and County member, he would enter everything Tony put him in and was always there at work parties willing to help, they were like brothers that neither of them had.
He is survived by his 93 year old Mother, his wife Ruth, five Daughters and I’ve lost count of how many grand and great grand children he had.  Everyone liked him. He will be greatly missed.


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